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Manga:Healing Your Soul,Warming Your Heart!

When you read some manga, you feel relaxed, warm and encouraged. This kind of manga always has such characteristics: fresh styles, warm stories and slow rhythm.

Such manga is often of realistic themes, and full of atmosphere of life, which could make you smile through various trivial details. Basically, there is no suspense and drama conflicts in the plots. The relationship of characters is simple too. This kind of manga focuses on the main characters’ psychological description so the inner monologues are more than other types of manga. Readers are often cured by those monologues.

The objective of those manga is to warm our heart and to purify our soul, so there are no obvious porn, violence, sad atmosphere. Even we cry for the moved stories or think the stories are too dark, there are still full of hope in the end or among trivial things.

Any way, if you feel sad or unhappy, you can get comfort from such manga. And they also can give you some thoughts of life.

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