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One Piece 696 spoilers [MH Confirmed] [Predictions & Discussions]

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Spoilers & News >

One Piece Spoilers

> One Piece 696 spoilers [MH Confirmed] [Predictions & Discussions]
  • One Piece 696 spoilers [MH Confirmed] [Predictions & Discussions]

  • 02.01.2013 02:03
  • One Piece 696 Spoilers!!!  One Piece 696 Prediction and Discussions!!! One Piece 695  has been released now!!!


    One Piece 696 Spoilers Summary:

    One Piece Chapter 696: Common interests
    Coribou encounters local officers on the way to the port, captain Gaffle (Gafuru)
    The captain is crying facing off Caribou (in fear?)


    The G-5 Marines draw a line on the tanker, separating the pirates and the marines.
    Smoker called for the marines to send a ship over, and he and his team will stay behind for it.
    Brownbeard will stay with the marines, as he and his men seemingly are also poisoned from the experiments.
    Apparently the marines can treat them if they are arrested.
    He says being locked up in cell is still far better than letting Ceasar do whatever he wants with them.


    Chopper comes crying to Luffy that Law is a murderer
    Brook also cries how how he accidently killed someone already dead (lol)
    He dropped Kinemon, and the petrified surfade is full of cracks.


    Kinemon emerges out of the stone unharmed though, to which Sanji reponds by punching him “How in the hell are you stll alive!”
    Kinemon doens’t know why he’s still alive… Kinemon enbraces Momonosuke, who is in human form.
    Momo is naked, so Kinemon makes a samurai clothing for him using his powers.


    Chopper storm into Law’s operation room, demanding to know what he did with the kids.
    Law warned him not to look… he was slicing up the kids.


    He treated the children and removed much of the venom by cutting them into pieces and operating on them.
    However, Law tells Chopper the children needs long-term treatment to be fully well off.
    Mocha however, is still unconcious. Chopper promises them they’ll be returned to their parents.
    Tashigi walks into the room, telling the kids the marines will take care of them from here.


    Nami negotiaged with the marines to take the children. She was especially convinced by the convictions of Tashigi.
    She reminds her of her mother, Bellemere, as she was also a strong marine woman who cared for children.


    Sanji cooks up a massive, gigantic pot of stew soup. It’s one of the New Kama secret 99 Vital recipe,
    Hormone Soup with Sea Pork. A very strong vitality restoring dish. As well as table full of other tasty entrees!
    Momo, despite starving, stubbonly tries to refuse the food… but his father digs in to the food, and tells his son it’s ok to trust these people.
    His life was saved by them too. “It’s ok now… let’s believe they’re doing just fine! Come, eat now! We will live another day!”
    Kinemon’s speech to his son suggests there’s something going on with their lives… who are “they”?
    Sanji notices the two Wano men have something to their backgrounds, and wonders what.


    The children, Marines, everyone comes to the feasting table.
    Law warns Luffy that they have no time for this, they need to get going… there will be men coming after them soon.
    Luffy says tells him ok, I got it.


    Tben tuns around to everyone and announces the start of feasting! LOL.
    (insert Law’s stunned face)


    Some of the G-5 men reports to Smoker that they have learned the weakness of the poisoned gas from Caesar.
    They believe their men left on the island can be saved, and going back to get them.


    Smoker asks Law, he can’t possibly believe he would honor a promise made with a pirate. There were many chances to get rid of him.
    Why didn’t he do so? What is Law planning to do with Straw Hats?


    Flashback to Law and Luffy’s deal.
    Luffy asks who Law is after, and it’s Kaidou of Hundred Beasts.
    Luffy says as long as the first one to go after isn’t Shanks, he’s ok with it.
    Luffy plans to defeat all of the Yonkou himself eventually!





    One Piece 695 ''Leave It To Me'' Summary :


    Buffalo is surprised by how strong Franky Shogun is. He then charges at Franky, saying that no one has ever been able to dodge the next attack. Using his powers, he spins Baby 5 on one of his chains, who in turn uses Sickle Girl, and then slams her into Franky Shogun's left arm, impaling it. Franky laughs and says he will give them credit, but only for breaking through the robot's armor, and compares the pair to a praying mantis taking on a warship. He then grabs Baby 5 and yanks on the chain, causing Buffalo to lose his balance and hurl forward. He then declares that the Gaon Cannon has set foot on land, and shoots them with Franky Shogun's most powerful attack, General Cannon. As Buffalo and Baby 5 are reeling from the attack, they wonder why someone like this would try to impede them taking Caesar. Franky then looks down from the tanker and sees Caesar lying there, and wonders how the scientist got there. Buffalo stands up, declaring that he is not going down that easily, saying that such a defeat would drag Joker's name through the mud. Baby 5 then declares that they will be taking Caesar with them, no matter what it takes. Franky then asks them if he is correct in concluding that they want Caesar.


    Back in R-66, the exit is in sight. Usopp begs Nami to conjure up some wind, so they will not die. Everyone cheers as they exit. Franky is happy to see that everyone made it out. Baby 5 and Buffalo are surprised by their sudden arrival. Luffy, Usopp, Chopper, and the rest of the males in the cart are very excited to see the robot, while Nami, Robin, Tashigi, and the rest of the girls are visibly unimpressed. Law is surprised to see Buffalo and Baby 5, who asks him if he is really going to defy Joker, who has been saving the heart seat for him. Luffy asks if those two are Law's friends, and Law tells him no. Realizing their sudden disadvantage, Buffalo and Baby 5 grab Caesar and start to fly away. Usopp tells everyone to leave the escaping pair to him. Law is about to use his powers and tries to argue, but Luffy cuts him off, telling him that Usopp has things under control, and Zoro tells him not to underestimate Usopp. Law argues, saying that if they get away, the plan will be ruined. Nami cuts him off again, saying that if they are going to have an alliance, then Law needs to trust them more, adding that she needs to do a little fighting after doing nothing but run. Usopp and Nami then declare that they will take care of the far away enemies with their backs turned, and Zoro tells them to hurry up. Usopp then orders his Bakun Grass to grow into his Kuro Kabuto, which then starts eating the nearby rubble and twisted metal. Buffalo tells Baby 5 to watch the rear, since he cannot while flying. While Baby 5 vows to defend them with her life, a giant weather egg, called Lightning-chan by Nami, flies over them and releases a huge storm cloud. Baby 5 looks at the cloud worriedly while Nami declares they will not get away. She then attacks them with Thunder Breed Tempo, landing a direct hit. 


    As they start falling, Buffalo calls to Baby 5 and realizes she is unconscious. Usopp then attacks them with Killer Shooting Star Rush, shooting several pieces of stone from the rubble at them. Baby 5 tells Buffalo that she cannot move, and Buffalo declares that he will complete a mission for the Donquixote family as they are pelted with rubble. As the two go down, Caesar manages to stay airborne as the shots pass through him. He then decides he  will go to Dressrosa by himself. Usopp tells him that escape is useless, since the last shot is kairoseki handcuffs.  The cuffs catch Caesar around the neck. Everyone cheers as Usopp proudly declares that he will fight anyone whose back is turned. As the three fall into the ocean, Law declares the first step complete and Luffy asks what he thought about his crew's abilities.


    Somewhere on the sea, a shadowy figure has overslept, and wonders how to get to Punk Hazard.


    One Piece 696 Trivia Donquixote Doflamingo could possibly be named after Don Quixote, the main character of the famous Spanish novel “El ingenioso hidalgo don Quijote de la Mancha” and the Flamingo, a bird of which its plumage resembles Doflamingo’s flamboyant clothes.

    If you would like to discuss the Spoilers or predictions, please leave a comment below. Your Feedback is Greatly Appreciated, but NO SPAM here is more expecting and also for our benefits. Thanks for your support.




    One Piece 696  spoilers is not avaliable yet, we will update it as soon as it comes out!!!


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