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Naruto 631 spoilers [MH Confirmed] [Predictions & Discussions]

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Spoilers & News >

Naruto Spoilers

> Naruto 631 spoilers [MH Confirmed] [Predictions & Discussions]
  • Naruto 631 spoilers [MH Confirmed] [Predictions & Discussions]

  • 15.05.2013 02:26
  • Naruto 631 spoilers!!! NARUTO 631 Predictions&Discussions!!! 


    Naruto 630 has been released now!!! Read it on MangaHere.com!

    Naruto 631 Spoiler Summary: 

    ミナトはサクラに自己紹介 俺は波風ミナト 爆発に備えて・・・・・
    きっぱりと言い切る柱間 かみあわんと言うマダラ

    ミナトは九尾モードに成った。すでにマーキングを打っており四赤陽陣と言う封印術を火影4人でやる 柱間だ けの術 仙法・明神門をつかい十尾の尾を抑え十尾を封印
    サスケが到着 木の葉の仲間はみんな怒っているがサスケは『里を助け火影になる』と言い放つ。


    Minato introduces himself to Sakura.
    “I’m Namikaze Minato” as she was bracing herself for the explosion.

    Jubbi’s attack got redirected to the sea.

    Minato : “You’re Naruto’s girlfriend ?”

    Naruto : “Something like that”
    then Sakura knocks Naruto out cold.

    Naruto noticed something with his Kyuubi Mode

    The 3 others Hokage arrives.

    Madara : “I waited for you Hashirama !!!”

    Hashi : “You’ll have to wait, later.”

    Hashirama goes away as Madara clenches his teeth !

    Minato : “Rest a bit, Naruto. You friend is coming.”

    Minato goes Kyuubi Mode.

    It seems he can seal of unseal the chakra he sealed on him a will.

    Hashirama supress the 10 tails of the Juubi and he seals them.

    Sasuke comes.
    Konoha guys gets really pissed off at seeing Sasuke.
    Then Sasuke says :”I’ll save the village and become Hokage !”

    Everyone looks at Sasuke with a WTF face.

    Only Naruto got a dead serious look on his face. “The one who will become Hokahge is me !”

    Sakura too is a student of a Sannin and they face they enemy together.

    Team 7 reborn !

    - END - 

    Naruto 630 "What can fill a hole" Summary:

    Further elaborating his point, Obito offers Kakashi consolation to join a world where he may fill the hole in his heart, and goes as far as to recreate Rin, and himself as young children to persuade Kakashi.

    Kakashi, however, shrugs off the idea and tells Obito that delusions could not fix the empty hole in his heart.

    (How and What can fill the hole ???  )





    Meanwhile on the battlefield, the Ten-Tails begins to transform once again as it charges its attack. Gyūki warns B that if it reaches its final stage, it would be hopeless to win and that it is their turn to lead the Allied Shinobi Forces. As he watches the progressing battle, Madara notes that the Ten-Tails has started to become impatient after seeing the tailed beasts inside Naruto and is dismayed that his "fun" was about to end.

    Noticing the enormous attack, various shinobi start to despair having lost Naruto's chakra shroud. Sakura rallies the shinobi to continue fighting as she heals Naruto, declaring that they had to do everything in their power.

    Shikamaru, having thought of a plan, contacts Kitsuchi via Ino's telepathy and inquires from him the hand seals used to perform the simplest earthen defence intending to use the quantity of the shinobi to overwhelm the Ten-Tails' attack. Having learned the seals, Ino informs all of the shinobi of them as they begin to initiate the strategy.

    Within Kamui's dimension, Obito questions Kakashi how reality may mend the hole in one's heart. Kakashi calmly tells Obito that being trash has taught him a valuable lesson — that the hole can always be filled up by the feelings of his friends — going as far as to consider those who abandon those feelings way worse than those who abandon their friends. With this, Kakashi states that he won't let the feelings of the old Obito go to waste even if he himself refuses them.

    Meanwhile at the battlefield, the Tailed Beast Ball starts to best the various earth walls created even with B's support to change the trajectory. Just as the walls were about to breach, the attack disappears following the arrival of the Fourth Hokage — who questions his son if he had arrived too late to which Naruto informs him that he was right on time.


    The last page of naruto 630: father and son, they finally meet!!! 



    How do you think about  naruto chapter 630?  



    If you would like to discuss the Spoilers or predictions, please leave a comment below. Your Feedback is Greatly Appreciated, but NO SPAM here is more expecting and also for our benefits. Thanks for your support.

    Naruto 631 Spoiler Trivia: A younger Kakashi that appears in Kakashi Gaiden and ANBU Kakashi are playable as separate characters from his adult self in some Naruto games.






    Naruto 631 spoilers is not avaliable yet, we will update it as soon as it comes out!!!


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